Story Telling with Ms. Sara

Sara Nelkin is the founder and lead teacher of Impulse City -- a creative play, storytelling and improvisational theatre company in Hyattsville, MD.  Impulse City is best known for our week-long, high-quality, traditional day camps that focus on creative play, collaboration and building the imagination of our campers.  Sara also teaches several classes in local pre-schools and elementary schools during the school year.  In her classes, Sara encourages children to move, pretend, use their voices, work together and say "Yes" through improvisational theatre techniques that have been adapted to work with very young children.  Through learning to improvise, all people, including small children, build essential Executive Function skills; like cognitive flexibility, working memory, self-regulation, and the ability to adapt to change. Children love to pretend and play these fun-filled games all while building life-long skills that have been proven to be a better predictor of academic success than measurements of IQ.  Classes and camps are literature based, active and imaginative, hands-on and sometimes messy.  More information about Impulse City is available at:

Music with Mr. M

Mr. M (Eric Maring) is fan favorite among the children at UCNS.  Each class meets with him once a week for a special music session where they sing songs, dance, and learn about instruments.  His love for music shines though with each new song he sings and with each new instrument he brings along. He has studied and played music all over the world and he brings those experiences into the classroom to allow the children to experience them as well. We count ourselves very fortunate to have Mr. M as part of our curriculum at UCNS. You can find out more about Mr. M on his website: